My name is Tomas Nilsson and I am a photographer from the south of Sweden, born in the early seventies often seen out and about with some at least one of camera within grasping distance.

While I don't earn a living from photography, it is something near and dear to my heart and that I enjoy as often as I can.

I've been a member of Fotografiska Föreningen i Malmö (The Malmö Photographic Society) since January 2006 and as of 2011 I am on the board as as one of the web admins for the Society.

In 2016 I took on a 365 challenge via Instagram and I ended up succeeding. All those 366 pictures are now in a Flickr gallery if you want to see A LOT of pictures! In 2018 I am doing it again, because it was fun to have a long lasting project like that. The second time around makes for an additional challenge not to shoot the same things all over again!

In parallel with my 3rd 365 project this year I'm continuing to explore the world of film photography. I caught the bug in 2016 and I find it so interesting to learn more about this very tactile process! As of October 2018 the photos on this site are to a vast degree analog images that I’ve developed myself in my photo club’s darkroom.

When not out taking photos I enjoy good books, both reading as well as creating them. Taking part in National Novel Writing Month ( for the last ten (!) years has been a blast and rekindled my love of writing as well as gained me a great group of friends!

  Photo by Rikard Persson 2018

Photo by Rikard Persson 2018

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