A week down the drain

This has been a week of no photographic value whatsoever for yours truly. Not much value in any other way either for that matter. I’ve been down (and I definitely mean down as in out cold) with the flu, so I’ve not been thinking about much except about the effort of reaching for my glass of water or making the room stop spinning when the dizzy spells became too severe. Fortunately the worst is behind me, so I can actually type these words.

I am not going to do any boasting or claiming that my flu is any more impressive than any one else’s, so enough about that!

Since I want to share photographic stuff in this blog (rather than fever temp charts!) I’ll resort to a few shots from the "archives". These are from April 2014 and are all shot during walks in my neighborhood and hometown Staffanstorp. We haven't come this far in spring explosions of color yet, but hopefully we'll get there really soon!