More than halfway to Christmas

As I write this it is December 13th, a day that in Sweden is Lucia Day where we for some strange reason celebrate an Italian saint from Syracuse, with women wearing candles in their hair,  men in pointy, star-strewn hats and other costumes (look it up people, it is quite a sight).

Last night we had a pretty severe storm go past us, so I spent the night editing photos I took a few days ago on a recent, but far too rare nightly photowalk in Malmö. I was in town for a meeting of the board with my photo club, as well as picking up my telephoto lens that had had some refurbishments done at the workshop, so I headed in a bit earlier and did a walk around the city, where most of the stores are now more or less fully decorated for the holiday shopping season. Lots of lights, lots of red and quite a bit of green in other words.

Most of these photos are taken around the Gustav Adolf Square in central Malmö, which has become the epicenter of Christmas decorations in the last few years with lots of torches lit daily, decorated trees, christmas trinkets on sale and a merry-go-round for the kids.

I also tried a few really long exposure shots of the canal, but I am not sure I’m happy with those. It’s an area of photography I need a lot more practice at. Also...clean your lens and filter dude! Those dust specks are large enough to be landmarks on a map!