INSTAGRAM 365 2016*

Many photographers in the various podcasts that I subscribe to suggest that you should have a personal project, something that inspires you to take your photography further. A few years ago one photographer (whose name has sadly disappeared from my brain cell) suggested a 365 project; an image a day for a whole year.

I thought that was a brilliant idea, so in 2014 I took on a self-imposed photo challenge to shoot, edit and post a photo with my HTC One M7 via Instagram every day of the year. It was a lot of fun, but in the end I ran out of steam after seven months, mostly because of limitations in the phone's low light capabilities. I've put 6 pictures from that year on this page, and If you're interested in more of them, you can still find them in an album in my Flickr account. 

During the fall of 2015 I traded up to an LG G4 which has an excellent camera, so I had a go at this challenge again.

A whole year has passed since I wrote the above words and as of December 31st 2016 I achieved my goal! For 366 straight days I posted a photo daily to my Instagram account and my Flickr account. I've also uploaded them on this site in bi-monthly galleries as well.

*Yes I'm well aware that 2016 was a leap year. So in the end it turned out to be a year with a bonus picture!

Me talking about the Blurb book I made of the project at my photo club.
Photo by Ulf NIlsson