Paddy's Day was cold this year!

Paddy's Day was cold this year!

As has become tradition for me over the last couple of years I went to Copenhagen on March 17th to photograph the celebrations on St:Patrick's Day.

Unlike last year's celebrations it was pretty cold and rather rainy this year. That was okay least it wasn't snowing!

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It's gray in November...

During the month of November it generally is very gray and dark in Sweden, so it's perfectly timed to participate in NaNoWriMo, since it is not exactly photography weather most of the time. However, if you sit in front of your computer day in, day out you're eventually going to go bonkers (at least I think I would), so I've still been outside, if only to get a bit of grayish daylight into my eyes.

Of course I bring my camera too (I wouldn't be me otherwise), but there still hasn't been much photography this month. Here are a few of the fall-related pictures I've taken this month though, just within a mile or so from where I live.

They're all taken with my Canon 600d and a 50 mm 1.8 lens (since my zoom lens has been in the repair shop for a large part of the month), and I find it intriguing to try to take the shots with a fixed focus lens sometimes. It makes you zoom with your feet, so you get a workout on top of getting your images (albeit a very small workout!). They've been processed in Adobe Lightroom 3, where I've increased contrasts and color to make them "pop" better on screen.