Flowers? For me? Well, thank you very much!

Yours truly receiving flowers and a reward. Photo by Agneta Nilsson

It's not everyday you stand in front of an audience and accept a bouquet of flowers and a check that has a healthy amount of money written on it, but I can definitely get used to it...fast!

The reason why I did just that this weekend was that I was rewarded for providing the image of the poster for this year's Culture Night, an event where local artists show off their works, be it photographs, paintings, sculptures or performances of various kinds.

I wrote about this in a previous blog post so I won't go over it all again, but rather talk about the evening a bit instead.

My father and I had gotten spots at City Hall, which was definitely a step up from last year's location, a nearby school gym, as far as audience numbers go. This year it was pretty much non-stop people showing up from about 5 PM when the event started all the way to 10 PM when everyone seemed to have disappeared. The event was scheduled to continue until midnight, but when no one had shown for 15 minutes we decided that enough was enough and took down our stuff.

My setup at City Hall.

I showed 11 50 x 40 cm frames (20 x 16 inches) and one at 100 x 70 cm(40 x 28 inches). The bigger one was the poster image put on a separate easel so that people could look at it close up. The others were mostly local images...and in color too, which is a rarity for me these days. I did have four black and white ones though, and they seemed to render quite a bit of interest too. I even had a tentative request for one of the images, but it didn't end up in a sale since the lady in question didn't come back to close the deal. That's too bad, but not something I cry myself to sleep over; I didn't think I'd sell anything. If I had sold anything it would have been a lovely bonus to a very enjoyable evening!

This was my fourth time participating in Culture Night and I hope I can do #5 next year too, because it is just so much fun! Next year I'll try to avoid the rookie mistake of not putting titles or price tags on my pictures too...perhaps if I show they are for sale people will actually be interested!