cell phone

No photography? Sure there has been!

It's been a few weeks with no posting on this blog. I've not exactly been off the planet, but haven't had anything interesting to post either. It's been a very non-photographic few weeks for me. That actually felt nice after the onslaught that was August with all the exhibition and photo club events.

I've only taken the DSLR out a few times in the last three weeks and to be perfectly honest I've not really taken any pictures I'm happy with during those outings. That's perfectly fine though, I didn't feel my heart was in it, so the pictures weren't that exciting. It felt more like "I should bring my camera now that I'm stepping outside", rather than, "Oh I want to take photos! I should go outside!".

No trains in sight!

Still, a few cell phone snaps were taken here and there, so that's what I'm sharing here. This is an image I took a few days ago near my home on an old defunct railroad.

I have also "abused" the photo in Snapseed to make it look like an old photo that's been through the ravages of time (sort of anyway). I tend to do at least some treatment to all my images (whether it's in Lightroom for my DSLR photos or Snapseed for cell phone snapshots, although this one has been put through more steps than I usually take!